Killer Test or Spoilers for Atheists

Atheists strut around with a feeling of superiority vis-à-vis theists or those who believe in God.  They feel that rational thinking is the sole preserve and home turf of atheism and that it is alien territory for theists.  Nothing could, however, be further from the truth.

          God believers are people who have observed their surroundings, examined themselves and come to the factual conclusion that they have not created themselves, thereby leading to the rational corollary that they and the universe which surrounds them have been created by an External Creator.

          Atheists, on the other hand, are people who have blind faith in a heady cocktail of chance, good luck and hundreds of improbable coincidences; they believe in events which have never been observed and are in fact contrary to all known observations; they insist that all of us must believe what they say merely because they, the higher humans say that it is so.  While theists are honest about their beliefs, atheists hide and camouflage their philosophy behind the label of science in order to avoid critical scrutiny.

          I challenge all atheists to answer two very simple questions, QA and QB:-

Event A) Children are being brainwashed with the atheistic philosophy that our universe started with a mythical event known as the ‘big bang.’ According to this myth, a mysterious ‘dot’ which existed nowhere (there was no space, we are told) and which was ageless (time had not started flowing, we are told), suddenly exploded one fine day (yes, we can call it a day since time started with the explosion) throwing hot swirling gases and energy into existence.  Within Nano seconds of the ‘bang,’ the gases were obeying the Universal Laws of Physics and Chemistry and even today approximately 15 billion years after the ‘bang,’ matter and energy spread out over a radius of billions of light years continue to obey the same Laws. We see the same Laws of Physics and Chemistry at work on our earth too.

Obsevation A) Intelligence is required even for a small event like using a spark to create a fire.  We have never seen instances of non-living things doing anything intelligent; has anyone seen a ‘rock’ writing a poem or ‘sand’ painting a portrait? Obviously, to devise and promulgate the Universal Laws must have required a lot of Intelligence. The logical inference based on our factual observations is that non-living things like the hot swirling gases which had been thrown into existence by the big bang could not have created the Universal Laws. Moreover, no rational mind can accept that something as intricate and complex as the Universal Laws could have just randomly sprung into existence.

Question A) Who created the Universal Laws/ how did the Universal Laws come into existence in a non-living Universe?

Event B) Children are being brainwashed into believing that all life on this planet started with a fabled event when certain lifeless amino acids which were luckily lying close to each other suddenly and due to unknown reasons combined to miraculously form the first ever life form (Micro-organism X or ‘MOX’ for brevity).  This ‘MOX’ was miraculously able to reproduce itself, leading over a long period of time to a mind boggling variety of species including human beings.

Observation B) We have been told that we owe our existence on this planet due to a series of lucky coincidences, miracles and gradual evolution over thousands of years.  So, since we have created ourselves, we should have complete awareness about our entire body, all our organs and systems.  Is that so? – No, we have zero awareness. We don’t know how we designed our hearts – why did we set our heart beat range at 60 bpm to 100 bpm? Why not 20 bpm to 50 bpm or 120 bpm to 150 bpm? We are clueless about the material of which our eyes are made, let alone how we designed our wonderful eyes to see ‘light’ and things around us.  We don’t have the faintest idea about how we designed our breathing system, blood vessels and digestive system. We are blissfully unaware about how we designed our kidney, liver and gall bladder, what sort of trial and error we underwent before we created these organs to perfection.  It is truly shameful that all 100% of human beings are unaware about even how our internal organs (which were created by us) look like, let alone having ‘in-depth’ knowledge about their functions, secretions, disease resisting abilities, etc. DNA has been the building block of life from ‘MOX’ to human beings, yet, none of us knew about the DNA inside us till a few decades back when scientists first became aware about it. The takeaway from our inward introspection is that if the fable of evolution were true, we would be aware about 100% of our internal organs, their looks and their functions.  The factual truth, however, is that what little knowledge we have about our internal systems is only due to latest advances in medical science, i.e. our natural and inherent knowledge about ourselves is a big zero.

Question B) How can evolution be true, when, we who have allegedly evolved, have zero knowledge about the looks and functions of our internal organs and the process by which we designed them and fitted them in place in our body.

          I state clearly that atheism and its props i.e. ‘big bang’ and ‘evolution’ are lies. I openly challenge all those who call themselves atheists to (i) demonstrate before me that non-living things can create intelligent stuff like the laws of physics and chemistry and (ii) demonstrate before me awareness about every single cell, tissue, organ and system of our body (looks, dimensions, functions) and provide explanation about how all the organs and systems were fitted/woven into place by them.

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