Atheism is a Lie

        What is atheism?  It is a man made philosophy which claims that there is no God and alleges that the universe including life on earth and man have come into existence entirely due to chance, good luck and millions upon millions of improbable coincidences.

          Why is atheism a lie?  – Because the explanation it offers for the origin of the universe and life is not satisfactory/convincing and simply not true.  So, why is the atheistic myth about the big bang not satisfactory? –   Because it has no answers to questions like:-

  • Is there any scientific study to prove that tons of matter and energy can be compressed into a speck sized ‘dot?’
  • What is the origin of the ‘dot?’ Where were the materials which were compressed to form the ‘dot’ before their compression?  What is the history of those materials?
  • What triggered or caused the ‘big bang?’ Why did it explode 15 billion years ago? Why not 16 billion years ago?  Why not 14 billion years ago?
  • There are many more such questions!

          But isn’t the big bang theory a scientific theory?  Why call it atheistic philosophy? – Because there is nothing scientific about the ‘big bang’ at all.  In fact it is completely irrational. How so? – Science is based on observations and theories which can explain those observations. 

          All around us we observe that things break down and disintegrate when left to themselves. Let us try an experiment – take an old unused TV set, disconnect and dismantle the parts and then leave them on a work table – observe the parts for some months and years.  What will you see after some months? – The metal parts have rusted and the plastic has worn out.  Has anyone, anywhere ever observed such parts coming together, getting welded and soldered and then forming a functional TV set?  What will you say to people who insist that such miracles happen and that too on a daily basis, as a rule? And yet we unquestioningly swallow the nonsense that hot swirling gases went on to form intricate galaxies and solar systems complete with planets and satellites, which is totally contrary to all observations – just because the rubbish is termed as ‘science.’

          Similarly, why is the atheistic myth about evolution not satisfactory? –   Because it has no answers to questions like:-

  • If evolution were true, species would have gone on increasing and there would be intermediary species for eg an animal which was half donkey and half horse.  The truth is that fossil records indicate reduction in number of species with passage of time and zero evidence of intermediary species.
  • From where did simple life forms get the knowledge required to evolve? How did fish come to know about the shape and structure of legs and knowledge of gravity which would be required to move around on land – how did donkeys come to know about the shape and composition of wings and the intricacies of flight dynamics?
  • Science informs us that DNA is the building block of life. Evolution theory is unable to tell us whether the ‘first ever life form’ which was miraculously born on earth was luckily born with DNA or whether that simple creature went on to create its own DNA to be passed on to its successors.
  • There are many more such questions!

          Thus, we see that the evolution theory is not scientific either.  It is just wishful thinking and lacks even basic logic. How so? – Science is based on observations and theories which can explain those observations. 

          When we look at butterflies and some species of birds, we see that the designs on their bodies are symmetrical and incredibly beautiful; now geometrical precision and aesthetic values in body design are not even remotely connected to survival i.e. they do not increase the survival chances of any species, so what is the explanation for such beauty. Similarly, the theory claims that the ‘first ever life form’ (which was miraculously born due to extreme coinciding of great fortune) is said to have thought, planned and executed its reproduction within micro seconds of having been luckily born.  Is it possible?  A two month old 21st century human infant bawls incessantly and has no control over his/her bowel movements, yet we are expected to believe that billions of years ago a single celled organism executed one of the greatest feats of bio-engineering known to science within a few seconds of being born!! Is it sensible to believe in such absurdities just because they are cloaked with the label of ‘science?’

          The question before us is – should we remain quiet and allow atheists to indoctrinate our innocent children with their irrational philosophy by the trick of labeling it as ‘science?’  Is it not our moral and ethical duty to call out their lie?

          I think that it is high time that we informed young children two things –

(1) ‘Big bang’ and ‘evolution’ are part of atheism and therefore have no place in science;

(2) Atheism has nothing to do with facts, rational thinking and science and is therefore a lie.

3 thoughts on “Atheism is a Lie

  1. Well sketched out. Since the questions raised here is belief and atheism,the age-old tussle between Religion and Science,the question raised by Stephan Hawkins, about existence of God and creation of life in earth must also be addressed.”What was God doing before creation of Life on Earth”?


    1. As I have brought out, the tussle is not between Religion and Science; the tussle is between Religion and Atheism with Atheism hiding behind the mask of science in a bid to avoid critical scrutiny. It is the Atheistic view of the world i.e. big bang and evolution which is taught in schools and colleges as if it is all tested and proven truth and Creation is not taught to students at all; this was the reason why I have assailed atheistic mythology rather than defend Creationism. However, I will reply to your query in some time.


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