If we read about Africa or watch videos on YouTube or episodes on the National Geographic or Discovery Channels, we will see that lions and buffaloes are natural enemies. Buffaloes are the staple diet of lions and not a day goes by without a struggle between these two animals, one to live and survive and the other to eat and thereby survive.

Now, the alleged evolution of the peppered moth is an important part of Darwin’s fables.  As per this story [Bernard Kettlewell], moths found out that the trees on which they rested were getting darkened due to industrial pollution and therefore their (the moth’s) light colour was rendering them easy prey for birds.  As per the norm in the atheistic world, the moths did not sit idle but took matters into their own hands, err antennae.  They passed on instructions in their DNA so that their succeeding generations were born with a darker colour.

Their evolution was speedy.  In just 47 years, between 1848 and 1895 in the Manchester region, the carbonaria form almost replaced the original form now known as typicagrowing from 0% to 98% of the population.

Two researchers named Martin Stevens and Olivia Walton went a step further and claimed that birds could see Ultra Violet Light and that the peppered moths had coloured themselves in such a way that they could escape even the enhanced vision of birds.

So, what do these moths have to do with the buffaloes of Africa? A lot. In just 47 years, the moths figured out a way to transform themselves and cheat certain death at the hands of their enemies, the birds.   

Question) Buffaloes stand on a higher rung in the evolutionary ladder as compared to moths, so what has stopped them from taking suitable evolutionary steps to escape from lions in 47 million years

Why are they so non-evolutionary?  Why are they still passing on DNA which gives rise to buffaloes just as stupid and helpless as themselves? Why have they not grown thick armour like skin, similar to that of rhinos/crocodiles? Why have they not grown claws and fangs?

Challenge:- I invite atheists to explain why thousands of species have lived for millions of years only to serve as food for other species without any attempt to evolve defensive mechanism when the peppered moths showed that such changes can be brought about in a period as short as just 47 years?

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